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Waterfowl Packing List

Below is a list of items you should bring along for a Waterfowl Day Trip.

  • Hunting License - Michigan Small Game, Michigan Waterfowl, and Federal Waterfowl Stamp.

  • A Shotgun, 12 gauge, is ideal.  Make sure it is clean.  Missed opportunities because the gun doesn’t fire is heartbreaking, especially when shots are minimal.

  • Shotgun shells,  For ducks:  #2 steel or #4, #6 Heavy Shot, Bismuth, etc. For Geese:  BB - T  steel shot or #2 Heavy Shot, Bismuth, etc., *Remember, your shotgun must be plugged so no more than two shells will fit in the magazine, or you are in violation of state and federal law!

  • Appropriate “Fowl” weather clothing is waterproof, well-insulated camouflage outerwear with plenty underneath.

  • A “High Thinsulate rated” pair of warm waders.  1,000 grams of Thinsulate or better are best.

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